Designs by DJ

Things have been looking better around my blog in the last little while, have you noticed?  Oh, the writing hasn't changed; it's the pictures that have been receiving an update and my numbers of repins has skyrocketed.  There are more details to come about my particular case but I know, who to thank!  DJ.  She has been working to get a new business off the ground as a Pinsistant.

What's a Pinsistant you might ask?  Well that would be your own personal assistant for Pinterest.  She can do a board revamp, create new board covers, streamline your Pinterest production and most importantly she can create pins that fit your post perfectly. As a virtual handyman she can take care of all the pesky details so you can focus on content creation.

She's live this holiday season and she's running a special.  You can get your first 3 pins for free, if you will allow her to include her tag in the pin. You can send her a rough draft of your post and she will work with you to create the perfect pin.  If you are ready to go one step further, she'll give you a free 6-month trial of 2 pins a month for including a page like this on your blog or website.

You can follow her on Pinterest, ask a question or sign up to get pins by emailing her.

Here are samples of her pins.


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