Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Outsiders: A Guest Post

I believe we can all relate to today's poem by Netagene Kirkpatrick.  If we have never been alone at church, we surely know someone who has.  May this reminder spur us on to make the extra effort to include the outsiders.

Everywhere there's always a person
Single mother with child - lonelywho is almost always alone.
It's especially sad when it's at church,
though usually not TOO bad when at home.

Could be a man, but more likely, a lady.
She may even have been there for years,
but because of cliques, she's an outsider,
and that causes her heartbreaking tears.

Maybe she's shy, or a widow,
or maybe single all of her life,
but to be excluded is hurtful,
and you know that God condemns strife.

Invite her to a party or luncheon,
but don't leave her alone on the wall.
What if Jesus came there by Himself?
Would He feel welcome at all?

Don't YOU want to be treated kindly,
rather than ignored, and almost cruel?
Remember to follow the Bible,
and what we call the "Golden Rule".

You may find you have things in common
when you reach to her with compassionate love.
God bless you as you work to serve others.
Remember ALL blessings come from above.

One day, you may be where she is -
feeling unloved, in the cold.
So PLEASE, if you're in the "in" crowd,
include this lonely soul.
You can read more of Netagene's poetry at

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