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Dear Mom or Dad, 

Theology is not something that children frequently study.  However by the time they are “tweens,” kids who are studying the Bible at home and church are often familiar with all of the “kid’s stories.” They know Adam, Abraham and David.  They understand the gospels and have a basic understanding of Acts and the early church.  Suddenly they are ready to begin reading straight from the Bible, memorizing God’s word, and meditating on it.  It’s a time when they are asking hard questions and are ready to understand more challenging answers. 

It’s like 5th grade math.  In 5th grade kids are stretching their mind past the basics of arithmetic.  Without the building blocks of fractions and decimals that are cemented in 4-5th grade, the more difficult work of Algebra and Geometry is impossible.  Kids are learning the principles that will apply in all the rest of their mathematics study.  5th grade is also the time when many parents begin to feel anxious about math.  Perhaps they don’t remember all the details and feel stumped by the homework.  Suddenly they’d like to leave the work to the professionals.  Do you see the point?  Tweens are ready to stretch past the basic stories; they are ready for the scaffolding that will make the faith and ethics-building work of adolescence possible.  Leaving behind Children’s Bibles is the time when many parents begin to feel unsure of their footing and wish they could leave teaching to the professionals. 

Really what we need is a basic outline of scriptures that parents and kids could wrestle with together.  A program of study where they could absorb the basics of theology side by side with the teacher God appointed to them.  You.  So if you are ready to devote a few minutes a day to helping your son or daughter, I have just what you need.  Not more worksheets and coloring pages, not word searches or crossword puzzles but scriptures to memorize, passages to understand and principles to absorb and apply.  Not an education from a professional, but lessons from their own parent. They’ll be learning the way Timothy did (2 Timothy 1:5, 3:15).

Speaking of a few minutes a day, how much time do you have?  If you are a homeschooling family, you may have half an hour a day or more to devote to academic Bible study.  If you have kids in public school, you may be looking for a way to be serious about their spiritual education but only have time on the weekends or each night before bed.  If you are a Sunday School teacher, you only get 40 minutes twice a week to offer kids as much of God’s word as they can absorb.  Don’t worry.  I’ve laid the program out in several different formats to fit your schedule. 

Who is this program suitable for? 

  • Kids who can read the Bible with a parent’s support.  I don’t mean they know every word.  But if they have at least a 5th grade reading level, they ought to be ready to go.  
  • Kids who have the basic stories ingrained. If your family is new to the Christian faith, I would highly recommend studying through Mark or Luke, Genesis and Exodus, as well as Acts. 
  • Kids who have a parent/teacher to work with them. If you are in need of workbooks, videos, computer programs or worksheets your child can do on their own, they are lots out there!  But this material is intended for an adult to study alongside the child/children.
  • Kids who are 9+. The material is not designed specifically for teens or adults but it would still provide an excellent overview for someone not familiar with the basics of theology. 

This semester I am using the curriculum with my own 9 year old.  The download is free to all subscribers.  Just click here or email me ( to subscribe.

In the hands of God, 


This curriculum is offered to you free of charge to use in your home or Sunday school class.  You are welcome to share the link to this page and invite others to sign up.  However if you would like to use the material in a different way (put it on a website, publish it, use it in material or a class you will sell, etc), please send me an email ( so we can discuss the details.  


  1. You are so right! Parents are more than active in teaching their children about Bible stories but when the kids start to get older and the learning becomes deeper and applicable, so many parents take a step back. I teach children's Sunday school, and I see this happening more and more. Thank you so much for putting this material together! I can not wait to look at it! #Grace and Truth

  2. Thanks Summer! If you find the material useful, I'd love for you to pass it on to the parents in your Sunday School class. Parents are given a job by God to raise our children to know Him! We mustn't give it up out of fear!