Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Wonderful Gift

You may hear me say a few times that I love my in-laws.  In a world full of crass mother-in-law jokes and families who don't get along, I feel truly blessed.  My in-laws raised a godly man for me to marry, and they have continued to strike the perfect balance between allowing him to "leave and cleave" and giving us support and advice.  My father-in-law is a retired preacher, and my mother-in-law is the picture of an old school preacher's wife: she is hospitable, a good teacher, and a generally caring woman.  They don't spoil our kids, but all 12 grandchildren love to go to Nana and Papaw's house.  In so many ways, they help us to be the family we need to be.  One of the best ways they have helped has been in a gift they have given to us.  They keep us subscribed to Think magazine.

Think is published by Focus Press out of the Nashville, TN, area.  The subtitle of the magazine really explains what it is all about: Current Issues from a Distinctly Christian View.  Each issue has a major theme that is introduced in the section from the Editors.  These themes are wide ranging, from politically charged issues such as "end of life" to more "religious" issues such as Hell.  The editors urge their readers to "think on these things."  In addition to the thematic articles, each issue has articles addressing families, women, men, finances, and bible study, among others.  Articles are typically short, two pages at most, so it is a great magazine for busy people. And who's not busy, right?  It is nice to be able to take five minutes to read something I can ponder on all day.

What makes Think so wonderful is that its writers are unapologetically Scriptural.  When I'm reading the magazine, I know that these people have looked to the Bible first. They didn't decide what they believe and then look for Scripture to support their views.  For instance, an article in the March 2012 issue entitled "Marriage? Really?" author Peggy Phillips cites Matthew 19:1-6, 1 Corinthians 7:2, 1 Corinthians 9:5, and Ephesians 5:23 to establish that marriage is between one man and one woman and that polygamy or other types of marriages should not be tolerated. She says, "God has set the rule at one man and one woman.  If we deviate from this, regardless of what is the current worldly fashion, we have offended God, and that will lead us not to Heaven but to Hell" (Phillips, P. "Marriage? Really?" Think magazine: Focus Press, Inc.. Brentwood, TN March 2012: 22).  Each issue is rich with Scripture while at the same time addressing issues that plague our churches and our nation today.

Because my in-laws have given a subscription for Think to each of their children as well as subscribing themselves, our families are able to spend time together discussing the topics covered in each magazine.  So not only do we enjoy reading the articles for ourselves, we have quality family time sharing with others.  I know that sounds hokey, but it is really true.  We ladies especially enjoy discussing the articles that are written by women for women.  The May 2012 issue about mothers was a particularly good one to stimulate discussion.

What about you? Has your family ever given you a gift of something you enjoy thinking on?  Share it
with us! 


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