Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sing of His Beauty

I have never been a huge lover of the Psalms.  Perhaps it is a carryover of my dislike of poetry.  While the division of this reading schedule has helped me not get so overwhelmed by a huge dose of poetry, I find that it sometimes makes me lose the overall flow and thought of an individual poem.  This week I read Psalms 33 which really struck a chord in my heart.  This chapter begins by telling us to "sing for joy in the Lord." 

The author then goes into several reasons why we should do this.  First, His word "is upright."  It then talks about his faithfulness, righteousness, justice, and loving-kindness.  Can you imagine if someone were to say all of these things about you?  That would be a pretty hefty compliment, especially all together.  Not a bad way to be known by others.  I would be happy with much less flattering remembrances than these.

The Psalm moves on to my favorite part by elaborating on God's loving-kindness as demonstrated through creation.  I grew up in Kansas.  Now I have had many friends from other places drive through and complain about the vast nothingness of my home state.  I do have to admit that at times the nearly flat plains with wheat field upon wheat field can get a bit boring and monotonous.  However, those that feel that God forgot Kansas when He created beauty in His world have never been around at sunset or as the brilliant colors of that sunset blend into a nothingness that suddenly bursts forth with millions of stars.  With no trees, hills, or buildings to disturb the view, these two visions can only be described as magnificent.

I enjoyed these views growing up, but it took living where the view was obstructed by hills and trees and where smog and light polluted the skies to truly appreciate the loving-kindness of God when He formed this part of His creation. As I read in verse 6 about God fashioning the heavens by His word and their hosts with His breath, I couldn't help but picture God standing before a paint palette and telling the colors exactly where to go and how to combine to make those beautiful sunsets. Then I pictured as He took a huge breath and released it upward how that stars suddenly lit up the dark night sky. David continues this Psalm with many other beautiful ideas, but I want to end with the mental picture of His beautiful creation.

Please share below what from God's creation makes you want to "sing for joy to the Lord."  As always, this is the place where throughout the week you can share the thoughts from His word that touch your heart.  Although the other posts are mostly a place where you read once and don't return, we would love to see this post become a place where we all come throughout the week to share His word together.

Nehemiah 7:73b-Esther 10:3; Ps. 33:11-37:11; Prov. 21:11-21:24; I Cor. 9:1-13:13


Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE(R), Copyright(c) 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission - See more at: http://www.maidservantsofchrist.com/detail.asp?DetailID=55&Return=bymonth.asp?Start=8/1/2012#sthash.brlBL9vn.dpuf

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