Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From our Readers

Last week, Jane shared about her struggles with the discipline of daily Bible reading.  Some of our wonderful readers provided an outpouring of encouragement that she wanted  to share.  

Whenever you are discouraged in any area of your life, remember that you are not alone - Joann

When you are disgusted with yourself because you have once again fallen short of His glory, go and read Psalms 139. - Mary

When you need encouragement take a look at I Peter 2:16 and remember to whom you belong.  God loves us and sent His son do die for us. - Shannon 

His grace covers our sins and frees us up to serve Him and is sufficient in our weaknesses. - Shannon, Joann, & I Corinthians 12:9.

When you are down on yourself, remember that God is not condemning you, it is the father of lies not the father.  The Father is waiting with open arms for you to come into the comfort of His arms. - Sandy

All around the world, there are other women struggling with the same problems I do.  Although I can't use this as a crutch to keep me from changing, there is a certain comfort in knowing that I am not in this battle alone.  Hebrews 4:15 tells us that Christ was tempted in all things that we are tempted in and yet did not sin.  Have you ever wondered if Christ just wanted to curl up beside Peter, James, and John in the Garden of Gethsemane instead of communing with and drawing strength from God for the task ahead?  

Psalm 139 reminds me of the fact that God formed me and His works (including me!) are wonderful. Earlier in this chapter is more encouragement in my struggles.  God knows me.  He knows all of my thoughts and actions.  He is "intimately acquainted with all my ways."  Even when we are having difficulty drawing near to Him like we should, we can not flee from His spirit.  Oh what comfort in this chapter.

Thank you to all of these sweet ladies in their Biblical encouragement.  

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