Monday, February 9, 2015

21 Days of Evangelism: Week 2

I hope this new lifestyle of evangelism is going well for you!  If you haven't gotten started yet, go back and read last week's post and join us! 

Day 8: Write out 2 Corinthians 5:9-11a by hand, changing the words to make it your own prayer.  This time tuck it somewhere you'll see it (or set an alarm on your phone) and try to pray it everyday this week.

Day 9: Help.  Pick one person on your list and look for at least one way to help.  They might need a babysitter so they can get away on a date, or a plate of cookies on a rough day, or an exercise buddy.  While you are spending time together try to find a way to work in something positive about church this week.

Day 10: In your reading today, find a short scripture to meditate on.  Think not only about what it means but how you'll be able to work it into conversation to share it with the 3 people on your list. 

Day 11: Read your gospel, pray for the 3 people on your list, keep your eyes open for chances to share with them.

Day 12: Invite: Pick a Christian friend that has something in common with your friend (Occupation/hobby/life stage etc).  Invite them both to meet and eat!  (Again this could be dinner in your home, lunch out, coffee and donuts on Saturday morning)

Day 13: Meditate on 2 Peter 3:8-9. As you pray for the 3 people on your list today, remember how much God wants to see them saved and that odds are you are the best chance they have to the Savior. 

Day 14: Try to text, call or see all the people on your list.  Be sure you have something from your recent church life, prayer or gospel reading to share with them if you can find a chance while you talk. 

Please feel free to come here or to our Facebook page and talk to us about how things are going. Nothing would please us more than to come alongside you to pray for the people you are trying to reach out to or to offer support, encouragement and advice as you continue your efforts.


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