Monday, February 16, 2015

21 Days of Evangelism: Week 3

We're almost done with our 3 weeks.  I sincerely hope that you've started a habit that you're not going to give up.  I know that this short time isn't necessarily enough to bring in a new believer but please understand that this is only the beginning of becoming a disciple-maker, one more wonderful way we can follow and obey our Savior.

Day 15: Internet: Share something (like a tweet, or Facebook post) that has been meaningful to you from your recent Bible reading.  Quote the scripture and talk about its influence on you.  Be positive.

Day 16: Be on the look out for opportunities to let your friend know you are praying for them.  Don't be afraid to ask them if they'd like you to pray for them right then and there.

Day 17: Write out 2 Corinthians 5:18-20 by hand changing the words to make it your own prayer.  Did last week's prayer cues work well for you?  If not try a different cue.  For example, you could pray at break at work, after dinner each evening, or you could put it over the sink and pray while you wash dishes.

Day 18: Did you finish the gospel you started?  Reflect on the experience of reading.  Think about who Jesus is, his relationship with the people around him and the time it took for him to make and grow disciples.  Think about your efforts at evangelism in terms of his.

Day 19: Have you been able to pray for these 3 people you've chosen for the last 16 days?  Has your relationship with them grown?  Have you been able to find opportunities to bring up topics related to your faith?  Have they been receptive?  Will you continue praying for them?

Day 20: Be Brave.  Call, text or see each person you've been praying for and let them know that they have an opportunity to know more about God.  For example a text, "You know, we've been talking about God a lot lately.  I'd love to get together to read the Bible together sometime!  What do you think?"  or "I'm going Thursday night to a friend's house for Bible study.  Remember when you met _________ from my church?  She'll be there too.  It's always a blast.  Wanna come?"

Day 21: Spend some time thanking God today for the people who taught the Bible to you.  What friend, loved one or neighbor(s) began the process of introducing you to your Savior?  Were you a child or an adult? Reflect on who in your life is in a similar position to you (if your Sunday school teacher is the one you have in mind, do you teach Sunday School?  Could you?  If it was a coworker, or a family member, who in your workplace or your family might listen?) Send that person (people) a note or text or call them to say thank you for your salvation. 

Please feel free to come here or to our Facebook page and talk to us about how things are going. Nothing would please us more than to come alongside you to pray for the people you are trying to reach out to or to offer support, encouragement and advice as you continue your efforts.


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