Friday, November 25, 2016

Mediations on Christmas

As you munch one more turkey sandwich, I invite you to turn your mind to Christmas.  


You have been bombarded by EVERYTHING Holiday for the last 6 weeks?  There is still a month till Christmas, there are presents to buy, the tree is not up, gifts need wrapped and no one is allowed to mention the Black Friday hangover?

This holiday season on Maidservants of Christ, we will be celebrating a quiet kind of Christmas.  I invite you to join us for a series of meditations.  We’ll work our way slowly through the “nativity" scriptures, savoring carols and pondering prophecies.  

So from now until Christmas, grab a cup of coffee (or an eggnog if that’s your jam) and meditate with us on the story of how God brought a Savior to our world!


PS I understand that Jesus was not born on December 25th (even in Palestine it’s too cold for shepherds to be sleeping out with their sheep and for Ceasars to be turning out the populace for a census).  I also understand that God gave us no commandment to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Yet this is the only time of year that the world speaks His name except as a curse.  So I encourage you to take the opportunity with me to share His story while people are listening (if in no other way you can share these mediations on your social media feed!).

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  1. Yes! Quiet contemplation of the miracle of the incarnation is what we need in this season!

  2. Amen Helene! May we never forget the reason we celebrate Christmas. Our wonderful Savior was born. Glory Hallelujah!

  3. Quiet in the midst of such busyness is always welcome! Looking forward to your series:) And WELCOME to Fresh Market Friday!