Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What your minister's wife wants for Christmas

I am blessed to be the wife of a minister.  Don't get me wrong, life doesn't always go the way we plan and of course there are downsides but let me tell you about an upside in my life.  

My church.

We are a part of the most amazing congregation of people.  It's not that they are famous, or rich, or enormous.  We'll leave that to others.  What they are is welcoming, kind, interested, supportive, patient and loving.  What they are is the image of Christ.

Since our earliest days here I have know that I wasn't just the wife of the minister, I was their sister.

But it's not always that way.  Sometimes minister's wives feel excluded, out of place, far from home, and alone.    

I'd like to encourage you today to think about the perfect Christmas gift, something that will let her know that you love here and appreciate all that she does.  Need a suggestion? 

Well glad you asked!  I am guest posting today with Pat and Candy follow the link for some practical suggestions.


  1. I loved all of the great gift ideas over on Pat and Candy's post for what to get our minister's wife for Christmas! These types of gifts would be great for so many people!

  2. After I finished compilign the list from all the minister's wives I knew, I noticed how much they were like every other woman in our congregation! They wanted love and acceptance. Presents everyone would love to have for Christmas!

  3. I loved your post today, Helene. Thank you so much for sharing it with our readers. Words of wisdom spoken from a life of experience...
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas season <3!

  4. Pat, thank you so much for the chance to guest post! I hope that it will encourage folks to draw a little closer to their minister's family and share God's love with His servants!