Sunday, September 10, 2017

The King and His servants-The Parable explained

Are you just to busy to hear God's Call?

Last week’s parable, “The King and his Servants” is a straightforward little tale.  But it is my tale.  I struggle to allow myself to be interrupted by the Lord.  

Sometimes I am the little maid who is absorbed in my ordinary work and misses the call to meet the immediate need in front of me.  

On those days I need to remember the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37).  Like the Levite and the priest, no deliberate cruelty on my part is needed. Being absorbed in my to-do list is enough to hide the need of my neighbor from me.

Sometimes I am the gardener busily doing the work I was made for.  Like every servant of the great King I have talents and gifts.  Most of them involve writing and adults.  So when my church had a great need for a preschool teacher, the very last thing I wanted to do was teach that class.  

On those days I need to remember that it was after a long night of fishing-their career and calling, that Peter, Andrew, James and John took up a new identity outside their talents and qualifications to follow Jesus (Matthew 4:18-22)

Sometimes I am the young people lounging on the lawn.  I am resting.  Not being lazy.  Not goofing off. I am just powerfully tired.  Just breathing in Sabbath air.  Breathing. It. In.

On those days I need to remember that my Savior wept in the garden, stood in the court, was mocked by the soldiers, was beaten with a whip, was paraded through Jerusalem and murdered in front of crowds of the scornful.  He didn’t get a break, take a Sabbath, have a breather.  He was exhausted and yet found the strength to beg God for peace for His enemies.

Did you find yourself in the story too?

I was talking to a friend about the interruptions in my day and I told her how sometimes I even feel guilty because I keep reading posts and hearing talk about how we have to say no, stay home more, focus on our families, and do self-care. None of which is exactly wrong, and yet I feel like I am supposed to be flexible, supposed to put aside my self, my time, my talent, my desire, my idea, my mission and my rest and do what the Lord is calling me to do at that moment.  (Which I am also NOT good at as I just confessed.)

And she reminded me that I am not just the daughter of the great king, I am His maidservant. And when He calls me, when a friend's car is broke and she needs a ride, when an elderly neighbor needs medicine, when a sick sister needs a pot of soup, when a lonely person needs to talk and a thousand other daily calls, I am required to hear and obey. To be His hands to extend kindness, mercy, hope and grace into the world.

One interruption at a time.


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  1. What a privilege it is to serve Him -- "I would rather be a doorkeeper in His house . . ."

  2. Thank you for your thoughts! I feel like this ALL the time. My parents were wonderful examples of serving others, so that it easy for me. I have to remind myself that serving my family (which often requires saying no, or staying at home like you mention) is also serving God. And He had called me to do that, too. That helps me not feel so guilty. :)

    1. Serving our family is definitely a service He calls us to. And we can be too busy or too absorbed in our "way" of serving, that we miss the call to take care of them!

  3. Yes, Helene! Love this. I definitely see myself in your parable. I so often become frustrated by interruptions that interfere with MY idea of what I should be doing or should accomplish. But GOD is in control of all those interruptions! He planned for them to come! And He wants me to respond as He desires, to each one. I agree it can be tricky to know sometimes how we should respond, but I do think our contemporary culture puts too much emphasis on self--prioritizing self-care, staying home, etc. I love all those things, but I know focusing on those and pretending they should be my priority just makes me selfish with my time and resources. The Bible paints a very different picture of how we are to live--sacrificing and giving of ourselves and all we have, ceaselessly, until the Lord calls us home. Thank you for calling us to truly live for Christ and His Kingdom! Now if I can only apply this myself... ;)

  4. Yes! It is a problem where the church is soaking in this partial truth from the world and imagining it in a Christian context. But we need God's whole truth-where we sacrifice self to serve Him. Sometimes that does mean Sabbath, and sometimes that does mean slowing down to focus on family, but ALWAYS that means doing the good that he gives our hands to do every day.

  5. What a wonderful post Helene! I can see myself in each of the illustrations of the parable. Thank you for sharing the truth about busyness and distractions, two detriments to my faith walk!