Women of Action: Coming Soon

I have something very exciting 
to share with you.

I am so excited to be offering you access to my new book very soon. Check out the blog this Friday for a video about the dry and dusty places in our lives and more information about the upcoming book launch. In fact, there will be some neat blog/vlog content related to the book! (If you aren't already a subscriber, you'll want to sign-up to be notified about the upcoming posts, and a very special subscriber bonus when you buy the book!) But before I do, I have a question to ask you.

I have some wonderful extras to offer my readers, but I don't know which of these might be most meaningful to you.  

Would you like...
     A) Short videos - 5 minutes of practical applications
     B) Longer video lessons - 20-30 minutes of me teaching through a chapter
     C) A bonus lesson downloaded as a PDF
     D) An audio recording of the first chapter
     E) An bonus lesson downloaded as an audio file

Leave me a comment.  Tell me which of these ideas really speaks to you? What would you like to have as a bonus when you buy the book?

PS-Watch out!  On Friday, September 22 the very first of my video series will be published and at the end there will be a few details about the book!

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