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Women of Action:Transformed by Obedience

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Video 3:  Relationship and Obedience 

Women of Action: Transformed by Obedience- Is there a woman in your life who loves God and longs to be transformed by Him? A woman who would appreciate a few quiet minutes a day to focus on God and explore how to obey Him?  We have just the book for her!  You can pick up one for each and every woman on your list and we'll be happy to ship them to their homes directly.  Buying from the author has its perks; send me an email and I will write them a note in the front cover. 

Bookmarks: Designs By DJ has created these beautiful bookmarks.  You can grab a set of 5, 10 or 50 for a very affordable price.  They are beautiful and perfect for tucking in your birthday/get well soon cards, giving to the women in your ladies' Bible class, or offering to coworkers as a quiet way to share your faith. 


Bundle 1

Buy Women of Action Transformed by Obedience and get a book mark for FREE!!!


If you have a special order, say you want 75 bookmarks, 25 of each kind, email me and I will happily take care of the details and send you an invoice via email that you can pay with your credit card!  I'll also let you know how much shipping will be.

Bundle 2- SALE

We are so excited to share these unique bookmarks created by Designs by DJ with you. The pricing below represents a sample but if you need an intermediate number (say 30) and want to mix and match (say 15 of each), send us an email and we will customize your order!

5 bookmarks-3.00 
10 bookmarks-5.75 
50 bookmarks-25.00

Bundle 3
Personalize my bundle! If you'd like 10 bookmarks and 3 books and you'd like to save on shipping, just shoot me an email and I'll get packaged together and shipped for as little as possible. You want 15 books and bookmarks for your Ladies Bible Class?  Need your shipping expedited?  Need larger quantities?  Love those bookmarks and need someone to personalize a set for you?  Just send us an email and we'll take care of everything.  

Special note:  Because I always want to follow the law, if you live in the state of Wyoming, please email me to order rather than use the PayPal button.  We’ll need to add the sales tax for your city/county to your order. 



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