Sunday, March 26, 2017

Encouragement: Introducing Kristin Pace

I want to introduce you to a new blogger you should be following, Kristin Pace.  She blogs about her faith from a wide perspective.  She is a mom, a homeschooler, and her husband's helper in all things ministry.  She has a pre-teen with chronic pain and blog where she talks about all of it.  Be sure and click through at the end of the teaser to find the rest of the article and check out her blog.  You'll find her subscribe button in the same place as our's-top left-hand corner.

Have you ever wanted to try something but there was something that kept you from trying? Have you ever wanted to do something but were afraid it wouldn’t be received well? What eventually motivated you to put yourself out there?
I use my children as examples a lot, but there is so much insight to be gained from watching them interact with the world. 🙂 For example, our youngest struggles with chronic pain. She has fought this fight for over half of her life, but this last year in particular has been full of pokes and prods, countless appointments and tests and even a short hospital stay. Through the course of this, she has developed an intense fear of her doctor and anything medical. It’s to the point where she has full blown panic attacks....

Find out what encouraged Kristin's little girl to new heights of courage.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wanted: A Peacemaker

I was all set to write a post on peacemaking.We have been talking a lot about how to be a Christian in our modern world.  There was a post on women's value, another on whether Christians should engage in the swirling debate, and a Biblical rubric for social media.  That's not to mention the posts on fear and tamales

 Peacemaking fits right in because more than anything (except Jesus Christ) this country needs a peace maker.  Someone who can bring about reconciliation.  Someone who can lead by example.  Someone who can forgive, whose ego takes a back seat.  Someone who will stand up for God's way but sit down and listen to others' points of view.

But that is not today's post.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Too Stupid to be Afraid

My dad has long said that I was "too stupid to be afraid."  I don't think this is an insult.  I suspect grudging admiration.  He is every bit as adventuresome as me.  And he doesn't really think I'm dumb.  It's just that a certain amount of fear is a smart response to a dangerous situation. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Saving the World One Tamale at a Time

Do I look like a super-hero?  


I am a quite ordinary stay-at-home mom and blogger.  We're a dime a dozen.  It's the best disguise since the mild-mannered reporter.  

But let me tell you how I am saving the world one tamale at a time.