Friday, August 30, 2013

Sing Me Home

There are all kinds of  female bloggers out there.  Yet it sometimes seems they all fit in a little box.  Young moms with a niche-special needs, homeschoolers, work from home, home-making, crafting, decorating. We're in there too-young moms of faith.  But if you keep looking into the blogosphere you'll find more women. Women like Netagene Kirkpatrick.  She is a poet, a devoted Christian and a good bit older than we are. Having her for a friend-through blogging-has been almost as much a joy to me as enjoying her poetry.  This Friday we wanted to share a favorite.  To peruse more lovely poems visit her at Blinded by Insight. ~Helene

Sing Me Home

When I am close to dying,
don't put me in a dark room.
Open the curtains to creation ��" 
God's sun or the light of the moon.

Though temporary, while I'm alive,
don't hide me away from my friends.
Let me talk on the phone to the callers.
If visitors, let them come in.

I know that God made music.
I really want to hear
the songs and psalms of the Bible.
Sing them loud and clear.

If the nurses and doctors don't like it,
I'm telling you now really straight:
I want phone calls and visits and music
while I'm alive, not when it's too late.

So when I'm about to cross over,
don't hide me away, all alone.
Hold my hands and pray and love me, and
Sing me home.

- by Netagene. I wrote this in about 15 minutes on September 25, 2011. I found it today. Mother had passed from this life on August 11, 2011. -

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