Thursday, August 31, 2017

The King and His Servants: a Parable

The King and His Servants: A parable from MaidservantsofChrist

Once there was a great king.  He was powerful. The kingdom’s greatest nobles bowed their face to the ground in his presence.  The greatest rulers of his empire gratefully threw their crowns down in front of him.

The King was kind.  He gave generously of his wisdom and advice to all who asked, even the lowest servant.  He forgave even his most entrenched enemies when they begged mercy offering them places of honor in His kingdom. 

The King was a gentle master.  Many, who before had suffered under the cruel hand of another, found life in his service to be a true pleasure.  They would say to one another, “His yoke is easy and His burden is light!”

One day the King was striding down the wide hall of his citadel and saw a little maid engrossed in the dusting.  He cleared his throat.  She didn’t turn around.  Gently he spoke up, “Little maid,” said the King, “I need your help.”

“I’m dusting,” she said.

“But in the servant’s quarters there is a sick young footman.  He needs herbs from the garden, someone to fetch his lunch, and read to him.”  

“Oh the poor young man!  I’ll pray for him.” she said and went back to her dusting. 

The king sighed and went on out into the sunshine.  He passed a gardener hard at work. Hands dug down deep in the soil, he skillfully transplanted flowers. 

The king moved around, kneeling to catch his eye.  “Gardener,” he said, “I have work for your to do.”

“Yes, Lord.  Planting flowers.” The gardener replied. 

“Today, I have other work! I am in need of someone to help a young footman.  He is very ill.  He needs herb from your garden, lunch brought from the kitchen and company for the long afternoon.”

“But Lord.  I am not a cook.  Nor am I a nurse.  I am a gardener.  Of course some servant is welcome to pick my herbs, but I cannot stop planting flowers.”

Saddened the king moved on.  

Finally the king saw a group of young people playing in the sun.  They lounged under the trees, played croquet on the lawn and shared bites of treats from the kitchen.  The king called out to them, “What are you all doing?”

Smiling one and all they looked up and saw him.  “Lord! The housekeeper said we could rest this afternoon from our week’s labor. She said you were a kind master and encouraged your people to rest and be thankful.”

“This is true. But today I have a very important job.  There is a footman…”

Before the King could finish the sentence, he found that the young servant who spoke had already sat down on a blanket in the shade.  Frustrated he tried again, “ I need a servant!’

“We are all your servants, Lord.”

“Then why,” he asked exasperated, “Can I find no one willing to do my will?!”

 Be sure and check back next week for the parable’s follow-up post. 


  1. Lovely storytelling Helene. Can't wait for the follow up!

    1. Thanks! I tried twice to write an ordinary post but a story just told the tale much better.

  2. What a sad and truthful picture of so many of us, Helene! I'm convicted even without reading the second part! But I do hope part two gives us a happy ending. :)

  3. Convicting read! Looking forward to more....