Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions


Why 12.99?  

That's easy.  It's the price that the publisher set.  I am under contract to sell at the same price!

Is there a class discount?  

Yes!  At 15 books the price drops to $11.09  per book and at 25 the price drops to $10.39.  And don't forget until October 6th there are a couple of special bonuses for teachers who are purchasing for a class. 

I didn't get my bonuses?  Where are they?

Step 1: Check your promotions and spam tags.  If your email doesn't recognize mine sometimes things get misdirected!

Step 2: Email me.  I will send them to you another way if you can't find them!  I really don't want you to miss out!

How can I buy? 

Women of Action:

Wait isn't this a ladies Bible class book?  Why would I buy it as an individual?  

I love this question!  For several reasons, one because you study on your own.  Each lesson half of the questions are set for individuals.  Second because as lovely as a ladies Bible class is not everyone is able to attend one!  Maybe you teach a Wednesday night 4th grade class, are homebound, your church doesn't have one or it's on Tuesdays and you have to work!  Studying when YOU can matters! Finally, presents.  Christmas is coming and I know that there are women in your life you'd like to encourage!  This would be an excellent spiritual gift!

Would this be an appropriate book for a teenage girls class?

I think its a perfect book for teenage girls in their own class or with older women. I am a big proponent of bringing your teenager girls INTO your ladies Bible class if at all possible so they can be discipled by the older women. With the possible exception of the lesson called, "Single, Married and Single Again", there is nothing remotely inappropriate for teenagers.  Even that lesson doesn't begin to be as explicit as my daughter's Freshman Health class. Yikes!  

Why is it a perfect book? Well, little kids learn to read their Bibles as a story book.  Young teens learn to read their Bibles as a rule book, what they should and shouldn't do.  Older teens need to learn to read their Bibles in a whole new way.  They need to see the magnificent self-revelation of God and learn to love Him with all their hearts, souls, strength and mind and they need to see how His word is relevant to every aspect of their lives and their behavior.

Would this be a good book for someone who is elderly or homebound?

I hope so.  I can see that by the title you might think that this book would only be for folks who had the strength and health to "work for the Lord."  But in fact it's about changing our hearts so that the word of God is applied to every aspect of our lives.  Every Christian can benefit from this message.  I hope that the questions will encourage everyone to stretch not to frantic activity but to careful application to their own situation with its blessings and limitations. 

Questions from the Heart

I would really like to apply some of these things but my husband is not on board...

You know what? The secret is to find ways to obey God in our challenging situations.  But I don't want to get into that right now.  I promise I am about to write an ENTIRE post about this.  For every sister out there who has in her mind this ardent desire to serve God yet finds herself sidelined because her husband has other plans, hang on.  We are going to talk about it, I promise. 

Does this book address motivation?  It's where I struggle the most.

Me too.  In fact, that's kind of why I wrote the book.  I want to be transformed. I want to live for God wholeheartedly every day but some days I forget and think that I want to be a couch potato who eats doughnuts and reads her book, a big ole' baby who gets to pout when her plans are changed or a whiner instead of a powerful warrior in prayer.  We all sometimes let that old man, that person with a heart of stone (Ezekiel 36:26) peak through. To answer specifically the two chapters at the beginning and the chapters entitled "Sin in the Life of a Christian"and "New Creatures" address the topic of what motivates us.  And each chapter tries to find the deep motivation of loving God at the heart of all our obedience to Him. 

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