Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Parable of the Slave

You are a slave.  

Abused, unloved, unwanted.  

The Parable of the Slave; a modern tale of freedom from sinYou have never received any benefit from your slavery -- worse, you know you got yourself into this mess. It seems that every choice since that initial stumble has only led you deeper into the darkness. The one you obey, the master, is as attractive as he is repulsive.  This is the only life you know-where every choice is wrong, every person is reduced to an animal, and every day dawns in new horror

One day there’s a rumor.  The great king is sending his son to inspect your master. He’s going to look at the whole pathetic lot of you.  And you? You’re ashamed to be seen. It’s been a long time since you were clean or healthy or well-fed; it’s been a long time since you had any choice about those things. The day comes and you stand baking in the sun, reeking of fresh sweat and old sin, one of an impossibly long line of hopeless men and women.  Far down the line you see the king’s son. If it weren’t for his clothes, he’d fit right in. Looks as ordinary as the rest of you. But in that unstained robe, it’s pretty obvious who he is.

He walks down the line of slaves, examining them one by one.  You can see your master standing at his shoulder. Before each slave, the master explains how worthless they are.  This one has stolen from the house; that one is lazy. This one loves hard liquor; that one gives herself to anyone who will pay attention.  The king’s son listens to those nasty words and then turns to face the slave. For a moment each one of them has his undivided attention. He whispers something--something just out of your hearing.  Most of them hang their heads or look away. But every once in a while, a slave looks up with joy in her eyes and leaves to follow behind the king’s son.

Your breath catches in your throat; he has almost reached you.  Your stomach churns; what will the accuser say about you? What is the prince whispering to each of those slaves? Why are they following him?

The moment comes.  The master leers at you, and though he is a liar at heart, every ugly word he says about you is true.  The prince listens in silence and then leans in and whispers, “I have already paid the price for you, little sister. My yoke is easy and my burden is light.  Will you leave this darkness and death, this master, and come and serve me instead?”

You’re stunned. How can he want you?  Didn’t he just hear what kind of person you are?

“Yes, Lord,” you stutter.  Hope beats her fragile wings in your heart.  It’s the first of many times you will hear his word and obey. You’re glad to be a slave, unashamed of the good work he asks you to do. You’re clean, whole, healthy, and fed.  Choosing to follow this master is choosing to be free. Free to be cherished, loved, and wanted. Free to be his slave.

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