Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shining as Lights

Have you ever sat outside at dusk waiting for the first star of evening to appear?  With the sun melting into the backdrop, it is easy to miss that star when it appears.  However, on a moonless, clear night far from city lights, the stars twinkle so brightly that they almost hurt the eyes to look at them.  We live in a dark world full of sin, but Philippians 2:14-15  says that when we are living as God calls us to, we appear like "lights in the world."  The NIV says we "shine like stars in the universe."

Sometimes however, my light doesn't appear so bright.  Although I think there are many reasons for this, in these verses, Paul states one reason outright and alludes to another.  He starts this sentence off by commanding Christians to "do all things without grumbling or disputing."  Every time I complain about how much work I have to do, whine as I do the dishes, or argue with my husband, my light gets dimmer and dimmer.

Paul also talks about us being "in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation."  Sometimes as Christians, we tend to remain clustered together with all the other lights instead of taking His light into the darkness.  Just as the sun drowns out that first star's light, our lights can't shine as brightly in the world when we stay cloistered with other Christians. Please don't think I am saying that we should not spend time with other believers in fellowship and friendship.  I feel that this is one of the ways that we get the charge that gives us the strength to go out and shine in the darkness.  We are, however, suppose to follow Christ's example.  Christ spent time with the tax collector's and sinners (Matthew 9:10).  John tells us that He shone in the darkness (John 1:5).

Please share below some of the ways that you or the women around you are shining in this dark world.  

Next reading: Isaiah 66:1-Jeremiah 11:23; Philippians 3:4-Colossians 4:18; Psalms 74:1-78:72; Proverbs 24:15-29

Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE(R), Copyright(c) 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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