Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Diligent Woman: An Interview

Angela Legg blogs at The Diligent Woman and has a new edition of her book To Be A Handmaid of the Lord coming out very soon!  I had the privilege of interviewing her for you today.  (Interested in just buying the book?  Check out the review.)

Angela, I know your family has been an inspiration in your writing; can you introduce them and tell us about yourself as a mom?

Bryan and I have been married 22 years this June. We have five daughters, all at home. They are currently ages 19, 18, 13, 8, and 6.  Hmm, I never thought about describing myself as a mom—authoritative but hands-off? I’m a no-nonsense kind of mom. I teach them the things they need to know and then stand back and give them room to act on the knowledge.

How did you come to faith? Can you point to an event or an influence that pushed to be more than a "nominal" Christian?

I was raised in the Lord's church. I was baptized when I was 13 and true to my personality I was very matter of fact about it. I knew I needed it, knew I'd be lost without it, so decided it needed to be done THAT day. I hadn't even talked about it with my parents. I truly began LIVING in that relationship with the Lord though when I was 19. I'd had a six-month spell of trying to act like the world then one day I literally woke up and thought, "This has got to stop." I picked myself up, sought forgiveness from the Lord for wasting the gift I'd been given, and moved forward knowing to Whom I belong.

You are both an author and a blogger.  Which came first?  What attracted you to writing?  Do you find the two mediums different?

I did not really seek to be an “author,” although I'd always done well with writing, even in school. I homeschool our daughters. When the oldest two were 12 and 13, we were having lots of discussions that showed they were struggling with their self-image, being sure of their value, and comparing themselves to other girls. My mother had focused on teaching about women of the Bible each summer when school was out. I followed mom's example and began teaching our girls similar lessons. I started writing them out. We would cover a woman or two one week, then study a character trait they needed to grow in the next. I looked in every "Christian" bookstore I could find for books for their age group and found nothing that suited me. I wanted deeper questions, because I knew they could handle them. I wanted application of scripture they could make to themselves, personally. So, since I couldn't find the material I wanted—I wrote it.

The blog came about as a way to keep me motivated and responsible to finish writing the material. I found enough encouragement that I kept going.

What do you love about blogging?  What do you hate?

I LOVE how far you can reach with blogging. One of the neatest things is in the analytics where you can see which countries have viewed your blog. That just fascinates and humbles me. Being a stay at home mom, for years I did not believe I would ever have much influence for the Lord outside of the my family.

I HATE learning how to do all the technical stuff and how to make use of social media. I love when I know how to do it - but I hate the in-between process. I just want to write my posts and send it out into the stratosphere and everyone find it who wants it! Funny though, the internet just does not work like that. 

Do you teach Bible class?  What ages?  What's your favorite age to teach?

I have taught all ages. And I love aspects of every age! My favorites though are the ages where they are thinking and responding back well. I taught my book to the junior high/high school girls in our congregation a couple of years ago. That was by far one of the best classes I've ever had. It was just girls, they knew the material was meant for them, and they ate up the opportunity. We had great conversations and strengthened learning skills. I enjoy teaching Ladies' Bible class as well, but an engaged audience is what makes the difference. I love to see students thinking, commenting, and searching!

In our congregation like many others, we have an audience that is widely mixed in terms of Bible knowledge and years of study, how do you reach different audiences?

That can be hard, but I try to speak so that I don't assume too much knowledge on their part. I very much like to go directly to scripture, ask people to read, and then ask different people to explain what they just read in their own words. Those with more knowledge will lead those with less knowledge along to having more. I make use of children's Bible class songs a lot-even in adult Bible classes. Complex ideas in simple songs help to bridge the gap. Even in a class that varies in age from 4-7, I like to let the ones that are more familiar with the ideas participate in putting those ideas in a way that is easier for the younger or not as learned children can understand. I can tell them all day long about Jesus coming to life again after He was buried. But when a 4-year-old hears a 6-year-old explain it childlike, but accurate terms--they've both grown in knowledge through the process.

Are you available to speak at Ladies Days?  On this or different topics?

I would love to have the opportunity! I am available, obviously schedule permitting. But that's the beauty of homeschooling and having five children, I usually have plenty of help on hand if I need to be away.

'm open to different topics, but love talking about knowing our value as women and learning how to own that warrior's place that we are given as keepers of the home.

As you prepared the book what is the most valuable lesson you took away from your study?

God holds women up high, not higher than men but scripture shows that He has NEVER seen a woman as LESS. Men are warriors for Him out among the world; we are warriors for Him protecting the home and all that goes along with it. It does not matter what I look like, my education, or where I came from - God made it possible for each and every one of us to succeed at fulfilling the plan He set forth for us. Being a woman-a virtuous woman of valor-is difficult but totally DOABLE. We should be "meek and quiet" in our minds; we are not at war when we are standing with God in the strength and dignity that womanhood is designed to bring to those around them.
If you could share one idea/lesson on sexual ethics with modern American women what would it be? (As an aside, Angela and I had such a good conversation about this topic that we are going to co-author a pair of articles about it next month.  Consider this a teaser!)

Your body is NOT your own, not really. It was designed to please your husband. Until then your body belongs to God-who created it. He gave you stewardship of it, not ownership. Once you are married, your body belongs to him and his belongs to you-to be treated with respect. You maintain a glorious vessel that is to be used to bring glory to God in everything that you do. Keep it for good things. Don't throw it away on selfish behavior. Take responsibility for your own choices and behavior.

How does your book apply to our modern Christian woman?  To older women vs younger women? 

All women need to be encouraged to keep going - but to also realize that their circumstances and abilities may change. Even though they change - they just need to adapt to doing what they can from where they are. Anna, Elizabeth, Sarah, the widow in 1 Timothy 5 - OLDER women, busy women. But not always busy with the same things as younger women. Their seasons were different. But their value was NO LESS. Lydia was single by all that we can tell, but she still showed hospitality and did what she could. She didn't need to wait to be a wife and mother to be equipped for hospitality. Anna never bore children and was a widow for many years - it didn't stop her from serving the Lord vigorously - even in her old age. (Check back later this week for a whole post from Angela on the worth of older women to God's kingdom!)

Remember, if you get the book before April 16th, you'll get some special bonuses, A Bible Marking Guide, the Daily Beauty Regiment and 3 videos to help you use the book to its fullest extent! All you'll need to do is send your receipt to Angela!

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  1. Good interview. Your no-nonsense personality resonates with me.
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  2. Great to meet you, Angela! I always enjoy hearing stories of how God is working through His people. God bless the work of your hands. :)

  3. It's always interesting to read the thoughts behind the book. Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity