Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas In the Middle of a Mess

Have you ever been in the middle of a mess?

I don’t mean a polite middle class mess where you roll your eyes and complain with the other moms about decorations that aren’t up or a Pinterest masterpiece turned into burnt offering.  I mean the sort of mess that buries you in shame.  

Christmas is a time for evangelism, a time to include those who are suffering from divorce, grief, financial messes and addiction.  Jesus came in the middle of a mess to help us!  Let's reach out to help others.In the middle of a mess like that we feel entirely unloveable.  We are convinced that if someone knew the truth we would be a pariah.  We hide.  We lie.  We try frantically to clean up our chaos hoping against hope that somehow no one will notice.  We tell ourselves all kinds of stories that start with "bad luck" and end with "never again" and some of them are even true. 

We just wish for a friend. Someone who loved us most and best, who would come down right into the middle of all our chaos and see it and see us and love us anyway. We need help. Someone to dig right in where we are today and show us the way out. But reaching out seems impossible.

Today in your life, on your social media feed, at work, in your MOPS group, in your church you know someone in the middle of a mess.  Look for them.  They may say things like, “We’re not really looking forward to this Christmas.”  or “It’s been kinda tough at our house lately.”  They may be facing their first Christmas alone after a mate or a child died.  They may wonder if Christmas will be peaceful or if one (or more) people in their family are going to come home wasted and tear the whole place up.  They may wonder if life is worth living this Christmas.  "It’s a Wonderful Life" is more than a Christmas movie to them.  

When you find that friend (and I can nearly guarantee they are there) let them know this:  Jesus came into the middle of our mess.  He didn’t pick a wealthy family but a family so poor that they had to scrape together two birds for a sacrifice for His birth.  He didn't pick an established couple, His mom and stepdad's relationship had to be saved by angelic intervention.  He didn’t pick a stately matron but a young virgin who would be powerfully misunderstood.  He didn’t pick a nice house, a safe cradle, and a birth surrounded by family and friends.  He chose a stable, and shepherds.  He chose a life where His family was soon chased out of their temporary home into refugee status in Egpyt fleeing the horrors of Herod.  Humanity was a mess and He took up residence right in the middle of it. 

He still does you know.  That is our story to share.  And as people who are sharing the gospel, we need to remind everyone in the middle of a mess that they don’t have to clean it all up and THEN come to Jesus.  Rather He came for them.  Today.  Right now.  Ready to help in the direst circumstance.  He’s that kind of friend. 


PS.  I have several simple offers for you today, dear reader.

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  1. Reading this post just before I head into my dining room to scrub the floor -- where a woodstove sits directly in the middle of the room waiting for all kinds of things to happen. Merry Christmas in the midst of the mess!

  2. Visiting from Sisters Spurring Sisters. I think there are more people in this condition than we realize. I will be trying to look out for them more. Thank you.

  3. Phenomenal post, Helene! Thank you for this reminder and oh-so-important conviction that we must seek the unloved, the messy, the forgotten, and tell them of the Savior Who will love them, wash them whiter than snow, and remember them for all eternity.